Hi! I'm David. The guy who does all the work.

Whether it's a 3D illustration for a new product, a Turn-Key Point-of-Purchase promo for a big company or a simple business card design, I love what I do and still can't believe I get paid for doing it.


I  got started in all of this by working for one of my brothers who owned a black & white photo lab. This was way before the days of digital and I stayed in the dark all day processing film. He asked if I would be interested in doing photo retouch (the old fashioned way…i.e. the hard way. Airbrush, paints, etc) and I said "Uhh… I dunno… do I have to?…" Well, at about this time Photoshop was starting to change the world and he decided to buy a PC and the software so I could do it all on the computer. I was immediately hooked! Photoshop was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.


After about 4 or 5 years of this, my sister got me a job at an ad agency as a driver/errand boy so i could get my foot in the door and after showing one of the graphic artist my 3D illustration portfolio, he started using me to do all the illustration work for his biggest client. I was on my way at last!


I've worked for 4 agencies from 1999 -2010 and I learned a whole lot during those years. One of the many things I learned was how important every single client is. No matter the size. I do work for big clients such as  Merlin Entertainments (LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers, SEA LIFE Aquariums and many other of their attractions) as well as Six Flags Theme Parks, Dr. Pepper, SeaWorld Theme Parks and many small, local businesses.


I'm a very lucky guy.


Well, it looks like my 5 minute break is over in 2 minutes so I better get back to work.







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